Trying hard to figure out this thing...Are the promises you make to be trusted? I hope they are because I can't handle another disappointment.
Am I to care about the small things, or are the bigger things the ones I should believe. Everytime you get closer I get scared. My heart is fragile as the shell of an egg, and I'm so very scared. Should I let go and trust, or should I back down and protect my heart...You have the key, you're the thief I've dreamt of. I can runaway but I can't hide anymore. I have to face my fears, I have to take the risk and believe that in the end it'll all be ok.
I miss being a kid. I use to live in the moment, not think about my outfit for tomorrow, or what I need to do. I did things out of joy, not out of obligation. I use to throw myself to Love...I trusted it, and I believed in it. Now...I question everything, I doubt if your promises can be trusted, whether you're telling me the truth or not. I miss it, I miss myself, and what I use to be.
I don't know if I'm crazy for demanding something of you, that you might not be able to give. I want real love, inconvenient, mind and heartblowing, "I can't live without you"-kinda love. Everytime, when I feel like you are the one who can give me all that, I wake up and see the reality.
I do have hope though. I've chosen you. I've chosen to give you the key to my heart, and even if I put up the bars sometimes, you still have my heart. You and me, we're unbreakable. With you, I can take a risk...I am willing to take the egg out of the box, and actually run with it. If it shall break, then it shall. It'll heal back, I'm sure. Love is beautiful when it's scary.


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