Glamorous, fantastic, confident & beautiful. These women have influenced my style over the years. They have what it takes to be an Icon; style, amazing dresses, great shoes & intelligence. We all have icons that influence us in someway, it can be in clothes, lifestyle, hair or even men. But it is not our job to copy their style, only to get inspired. Here I wanted to introduce some of the classics and a few modern fashion icons.

Audrey Hepburn. I love her vintage glamour look.

You can make a LBD look fresh with some white pearls and black gloves.

Grace Kelly. An oldie but goodie.

Love the Marilyn Monroe look.
Andy Warhol's muse; Edie Sedgwick. Amazing vintage dresser.

Zezi. One word: FABOLOUS! ( Britain's BBLB host)

Beautiful Sienna Miller.

My favourite: Whitney Port. She mixes vintage with modern. Love it.

Whitney Port with Lauren Conrad.


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