I feel like it's time for some change, again! I've had my own natural hair for a few months now but I'm thinking of putting on extensions again. Earlier this year my extensions were long, black ones. I'm thinking of going for the same type of look but this time having a middle lining rather than the side lining. I think it would suit me well, what do you guys think??

These looks from Cassie and Lauren London are the ones that I'm going for. You likeyy?

Ciara has the perfect look here on the left photo but I also like the brown version. I've had jet black hair for a while now and feel like it's time for a change...aaah can't decide!!!

Here is a very recent look of my hair here, it's mid-length, natural black/brown, very full. I do like it, very much actually but sometimes a gal needs some change ;) 

This is how my hair was before. Deep black extensions, side lining. I loved these ones as well but not sure if I want the side thingy again, I've liked my hair lined in the middle...
What do you guys think? Should I try something new, stick with the one now or go back to the old?? Help meeee xx


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