Lupe Fiasco a.k.a the nerdy rapper with Harry Potter glasses. This cool dude from the streets of Chicago has brought the game back alive. Lupe's style formed from growing up reading comic books, listening to Nas and doing martial arts. His critically acclaimed debut album Food & Liquor truly shows his powerful way of using words, and telling metaphorical stories that reflect on the main issues of the world. And now with his own record label the 1st & 15th, Lupe is working hard to bring out new, undergroung artists to the game.
Lupe's second album The Cool, tells a dark yet enlightning story of a cool dude. These songs you really have to listen twice or more before understanding the true meaning. "The truth is beneath the surface, and you have to dig deep to find it". The greatness of this "Einstein rapper" lies in his attitude. He does music that might not get millions of radio plays or universal recognition but he doesn't care, because for him it's all about the music, and bringing some hope to Hip Hop. He wants his influence to be positive, to inspire youngsters to believe and aim high.
Now as Lupe is working on his last and final album, we(fans) wait anxiously to see what he has come up with. Lupe never lets us down, and I now he won't do that now. Chech out his myspace for more knowledge:

His main accessorie: Skateboard.

Cover of Food & Liquor album


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