The Cambridge Satchel; accountable, great quality, value for your money, handmade particularly for you and most importantly the ultimate statement bag.
The Cambridge Satchels have become the most sought after bags in the past couple of years, especially amongst us fashion bloggers. But what is it about this particular satchel that draws all the attention? Could it be its "Clark Kent" factor; nerdy but cool. Or perhaps it takes us back to the good old days of studying, needing to stuff our books into something square. Possibly.
For me, though, the Cambridge Satchel is about quality, material and colour. I never owned a satchel before but when I was walking through the fashion accessories department at work, this beautiful neon yellow coloured bag blinded me with its brightness and I couldn't help but think, "that would look amazing with my black&white maxi skirt". So, here I am, a proud new owner of the Ultimate Satchel. Be obsessed, I know I am.


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