Hi Guyssss! Just wanted to show you some of my new stuff. Hope you like it!
I also had my birthday this week...I didn't do much, dad took me shopping, we went to eat, watched a movie and ate some vanilla cake;) But you never know what the weekend brings! Hope you've had a great week so far. Looove, kisses & inspirations.

I've wanted a hat like this for a while now, found it from Primark, 4£!;O

Orange/peachy/salmon dress. New Look, 12£. <3

Violet mini dress. Select, 13£. (definitely for partyyy)!

Denim ruffle skirt. Miss Selfridge, 7£. <3

Pink dress. Miss Selfridge, 7£.

Zeebra puffy skirt. Primark, 10£.

Hihihihiiii, took some photos from the bus.

Colourful floral baggy Tee. Select, 7£.

Black west with a big bow. Primark, 5£ :)

White clutch. Bay, 7£ :)

Golden, flat gladiator sandals.(Ihave the same ones in tan) Primark, only 4£!

White heels, New Look. 10£ ! :O



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