Rappers and their chains are as important as women and their shoes. But there has been a lot of discussion about the realness of their chains. Are rappers really ready to pay up to 1m for a chain? I guess some of them are...
Chech out some of the most ridiculous chains in the game.

T-Pain and his Big Ass Chain.

Young Joc, H chain.

Lil Jon, Crunk Ain't Dead chain. This one is crazyyyyyy!

Twista, Rubik's cube chain.

Sean Kingston. Crayon box chain. Ridiculous.

Rick Ross. He definitely wins the battle of the chains. Own face? Ou boii.

T-Pain and his chains.

Weezy's Collection. Crazy, ha?

Terror Squad chain.

Legendary Slick Rick. Daaamn, he decided to put all of them on at the same time.


Nas. I really like this one.

Ghost Face Killa. Cool eagle bracelet.

Gucci Mane. Simpson's Bart chain. It's cool but is it fake? hmmmm...

Flavor Flave and his crazy ass clock.

Fat Joe.

Skool Boy. This chain must be fake, it's ridiculous.

Busta and his Chains.

The Game


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