Today, I decided to act like a good old chinese tourist. First thing in the morning I went to University Park, read a great philosophical book called Sophie's World, enjoyed the sun(got a little tan) and ate some grapes. After this, I went to the city to do some sight seeing(like I need it, heh). I really liked it, because the last time I actually did something else in Oxford than went shopping, was maybe when I was six or five, so a LOOONG time ago! Now me and my Dad are chilling in the house, and some of his friends are stopping by. Hope you all had a sun rich day.
ps. It's the 1st day of June, fantastic! Only 10 days till my Birthday:) Love, Enoma.

Lovely Garden.

Christ Chrch College. Hopefully my future Uni to be.

This is somekind of a tower where you can clime up to the top and see the whole city.

Inside of Christ Church College.(Oxford University)

Radcliffe Camera.

Oxford is full of these lovely fields where anyone can play or just lay around. I love it!

The bridge of sighs.

I think this was a library(or something completely different:D)

I was going around with these babies on. Love them!

This is what I decided to wear today for the little city touring.


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