Many believe Fall to be a time for wrapping yourself in anything warm no matter how it looks. I, on the other hand, believe Fall to be the time for beautiful faux furs, warm leather, sexy boots, cute hats&leather gloves! So ladies, if you got it flaunt it!!! Don't let the cold beat your fashion sense.
Here are a few of my Fall jacket and boot must haves. Accessories post coming soon!

Lipsy's Aviator jacket 85£. Get it for cheaper!

 Luella shearling aviator jacket. Love the huge fur on this one, and the colour is gorgeous as well. Definitely my favourite!

Burberry prorsum shearling funnel neck aviator jacket. For you brand lovers! Get the gorgeous Burberry aviator jacket to look fabulous at any weather. WARNING: might create a huge whole in your wallet; 3595£.
 Alexa Chung and Blake Lively both wearing Acne aviator jacket. This one has a nice vintage feel to it.

My other Fall must have is this red faux leather jacket from River Island. Only 49,95£!!

River Island has some amazing wedge boots in their collection this fall. I must have ALL OF THEM!
These Leopard wedge ankle boots for 84,95£.
 Fringe ankle wedge boot for 84,95£! River Island
 Same as the above one, love these in tan as well! Very street chic ;)

Ahhh! And these...these I absolutely ADORE! The snake/suede skin mix is gorgeous. Rock&Chic all in the same. These would look fantastic with the red leather jacket and some denim. Have to get them! 84,99£, doesn't sound too bad does it??


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