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heyy i just wondering coz i love to wear heels like high as possible coz i think it looks sexy and btw love those tigh high boots!! but anyways im 5'9 tall and i have a big ass closet full heels that i dont actually wear coz i think or let me put this way "ppl" say im way TOO tall to wear heels but i dont think because every woman should wear heels and im so into high fashion and all but i dont wat to do .. i think you could say i dont trust myself enough to wear highest heels ever with pride.. wat should you do if you were in my shoes? :)

Hey darling! This is a great question that many women ask; Am I too tall to wear them killer heels?
Let me enlighten you sweetheart: NO YOU ARE NOT!
I should be about your height 5'9, and I love heels, I wear heels even when going to the grocery store. The higher the better! Heels give me a confidence boost, they make me feel sexy and proud. I honestly believe that any clothing that makes you feel like that should be worn, constantly. Don't ever be too scared to express youself in the way that makes you feel amazing, like a Goddess. Because when other people around you see that glorious confidence shining through, they won't dare question your outfit choices.
Before, people always used to ask me: Don't you mind being so tall? And my answer was always, no. Absolutely NO I do not mind! I love wearing my high heels and nobody could ever change that. So, my darling don't let others bring you down. Wear your HIGHEST heels and be proud!
As long as you feel good you don't have to worry about what others say. And anyways, the only reason they're questioning you is probably because they decided to wear flats that morning and feel completely dressed down next to you ;)

Hope this gave you some confidence to scam through your closet, throw out the flats and start wearing you high heels with pride. xoxo


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