Finding out that life doesn't always go exactly the direction you planned, is hard. Often, we want this, we want that without thinking about what we actually need. All the things you are meant to have in this life, you will have, eventually. When you think about it, isn't it better not to get all of the things we want, all at the same time?
Patience is a virtue, right?
We are all human(vampires and werewolves on Twilight-seeking for our destiny and purpose, not included of course). We go through days, hours, minutes and seconds constantly, time doesn't stop nor wait for you to figure out you. So you have to keep things moving. Do NOT stop, do NOT let anything or anyone stop you. Only you can determine what you want from your life, you make day to day decisions that, either good or bad, lead you to your destination.

Go hard, or go home!
Do not waste your time on pointless bullshit or on fake, unnecessary people. There are over six billion people on this planet, so stop desperately hanging onto the ones that don't truly care about you. Find yourself, your true self, only then you'll be able to recognise the trueness in other people, to separate the gems from the stones.
Trust your intuition, your gut, it's always I repeat, ALWAYS right!

Meeting these other six billion people takes a lot of strength, courage and knowledge. Be strong to carry out your opinions and your character; if they don't like or respect all qualities in you, then be strong enough to walk away from them.  Have enough courage to walk up to a stranger and say "hi!", there's nothing wrong with changing a stranger into a friend. We are all strangers to each other in the beginning aren't we? So be courageous enough to open that door into the unknown.
Never doubt the information people signal to you, consciously or unconsciously , but do use your knowledge to recognise the truth. Know, that nobody should make you feel worth less than you are, because you are great, beautiful, smart, kind and a loving person. There are many people that won't see these things in you, and that's when you need to trust your own knowledge of you. 

Continue on the path of life, find your destination without forgetting the journey.


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