Statement Necklace; pure genius! They should be worn on a cloudy, rainy, dark day to  spice up that dull LBD that you're just tired of wearing. Or even on a sunny, warm day to lighten up that simple white beach dress that just seems so...old. Statement necklaces can be worn with anything that needs that extra "umpht". They give any outfit an edgier, chic, stylish look. Trust me, there is no sense in buying a new dress for every party(like I do), all you need to do is add a chunky, colourful necklace on and immediately you have a completely "new" outfit that will certainly turn heads! Go on girl, "stunt on 'em hoes" ;)

My ideal statement necklace look would be a tight , black dress with 3/4 sleeves and strong shoulder pads, metallic or colourful necklace with some classic HIGH black pumps.

The look could be completed with a nice beige, powder, baby pink bleizer...aaah sounds too good to me!
Try it out girls! With a slightly shorter, "dazzlier" version of this dress above, maybe with an open back you can create a more "club friendly" look for total sexiness! Trust me, a classy, chic chick impresses a hella lot more than a trashy "my panties are showing, woopsie" kinda chick. 

I am in fashion HEAVEN! What do you guys think about statement necklaces?


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