Thigh-high boots have been in the game ever since Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Surely, at first they were recognized as a part of the "hooker" look but since the fashion world tends to change even some trashy trends into the most fabulous ones, thigh-high boots have become a musthave in every woman's closet. I advice to wear these skyhigh boots during the A/W season, S/S season might get a bit hot and sticky, when they provide warmth and style to any gal. Love them, wear them!! They are a must ;)

These boots work in different colours as well, not only in black. just select a neutral colour pattern and you shall be gorgeous!

These are my favourite looks! Especially the one on the right. That's my ideal "thigh-high boot" look; a LONG black blazer paired with those gorgeous black, leather sky high boots; FIERCE!

Here you see looks worn from "daily-to-glam". Don't be afraid to wear the thigh high boot on a daily basis. During winter they work as leg warmers adding that bit of extra to any outfit, giving you an edge and that "glam rock" style that's so totally HOT right now. 
WARNING: as fabulous as the thigh-high boots are, they can easily look, grhmm, "hoe-ish", kinda like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, so be very cautious in pairing them with the right outfit. Nothing too revealing, PLEASE!

J'adore this look! Thigh-high boots with such a simple outfit, gorgeous!

MUST MUST MUST have! I have quite a nice boot collection of my own from last Autumn already. Love thigh-high boots even in flats, they definitely attract stares!

Love these Rodarte boots from last year. Both are rocking their looks.

Love Kelly Rowland's look here!!

Hope you likeyyy!
xoxo, Enoma


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