Halloween came and went again. I had my first Halloween of properly dressing up, going out and "celebrating" this scary festive. Here in the UK, Halloween is celebrated very nicely, not overly commercially or-throw-it-in-my-face kinda way. Certainly differed from the modest way that we celebrated/celebrate it in Finland. On Sunday I saw houses decorated in the most horrifying way, with signs on their windows "Come in, trick or treat",  and parents walking down the spooky cold streets of Oxford holding their child's hand, going from door to door collecting some treats. Though Halloween gives me the shivers, I still find it a heart-warming, family celebration.
The night before, on Saturday me, my boyfriend and my lovely Spanish Latinas went out to celebrate. Me and the girls dressed up as "Dark Angels" with black feather wings, feather fake lashes and sexy dresses. Charles was our ruler as the "Demon", had a fantastic time with you guys! Cheers-as we say here in the UK!
I wanted to post some photos from my night out, and also pick out some of my favourite celebrity Halloween costumes. Let me know which one's your favourite! Hope you had a dressed up and safe Halloween.

Audrina Partridge, dressed up as a cute maiden..I think? :D

 My lovely friend Angie and her friend. Sexy vampires..uuuuh!

 Chelsea Handler....no words.
Awww, I think this is adorable! P.Diddy with the kids.
And my best friend, my sister Edema dressed up as a dark bunny. Lovesss it!
RiRi, scaryyy skull lady.
This is total awesomeness! A true Avatar, can you guess who it is??
 Kim K and Russell Simmons.
 Crazy I know, but this is Fabolous himself. Amazing.
 A bartender at the Duke of Cambridge.
 Cici, sexy flight attendant.
And by far the top dresser of 2010, and every year, is Killa Keda!!! I don't know how she does that, but her as Michael Jackson is God given! This is HER dressed up as MJ last Halloween. Thrilleeeeer
 And this is Killakeda this Halloween...just incredible.

Still her...crazy huh
 Kim K's other outfit as a sexy panther.
 Awww, Kimora Lee and Djimon. Nurse and doc
 Lauren Conrad dressed up as a giant feather birrrrd.

Charles, Angie and Fabiola.
 Moi, and my dark angel Sara.
The sexy party crew.

So, which one is your favourite?? Who do you crown as the best dresser?

psss.the Avatar is Christina Milian, can you believe it!


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