I wanted to do a thorough post for all my male readers. I appreciate men who take the time and actually think what they wear! It's important to be who you are, feel comfortable and unique. I know, for men it's mostly all about comfort, so I wanted to write down some of the key things every man should own. Hope I gave you some new ideas fellas! Enjoy, this one's for you.

1. Oh so chic

 I'm sure not that many of you men out there would ever wear a fur coat, but am just saying...Kanye kinda rocks it! So don't be scared to try it out. Plus, it's extra warm!
A black blazer, for me, is the MOST important thing that a man just has/needs/should want to have!!! If you don't, get one 1st thing tomorrow, thank you. 

This is what I'd call effortless chic. A blue pattern of tank top, jacket, and blue jeans. Very very simple yet so stylish. And the Gold watch! So fabulous...I just got myself one at a vintage market. Adds a bit of extra to any look. 

Grey trousers are a fantastic way to give any outfit a unique, polished look. Even if worn with a printed tee, adds a lot to the outfit. If you're thinking "but those are like suit pants, not for everyday...", you're wrong! When you combine a chic pare of pants with a basic t shirt you're rocking the " effortless chic" which always works for the ladies! You can find these "jaw dropper" pants from H&M for only 19.99£.
Bow tie's are very much in, so spice your day outfit with a bow tie for a more fancy look. 

I love these Chino's! Just truly great pants, aren't they?? The colour, the "paper bag" feel of them...easy to combine, easy to transform from a daily to an evening look. Again, H&M offers the best price, only 14.99£. 

Here is a fitted black jacket from H&M, can be worn in everyday casual wear or combined with a more dressy style. Great with dark jeans, also with vintage used jeans. Only 29.99!

I believe every man needs a Trench coat in their closet. No matter what colour, beige, black or brown, it is needed! You can find a trench coat in any store. Just make sure it's the right length for your body, and as fitted as possible from the shoulders. If you're a guy who sags pants really low(half booty out), make sure your jacket covers that booty up! 

This grey, casual blazer from H&M for only 29.99. Goes with anything, jeans, chinos, t shirt etc. Add a colourful scarf for a unique look. 
 I love the briefcase! And the cute hat, this oldie can dress!!
 From the Chanel A/W. Love it! Denim with denim is a great look. Just throw in a blazer or some accessories to brake the look off. Isn't the kid cute, checking out the babe's booty. His dad taught him well!

I lift my hat for Kanye West. He is a mastermind in music, and in fashion! Again, a combination of simple jeans, white t shirt and a black blazer goes a very long way guys. Don't over think it fellas. If you feel like the outfit is too boring, do like Kanye and add a nice splash of colour with your shoes and maybe a nice scarf. 

2. Street/Casual wear

Here's a combo of Chino's, and as I said before, they really go with anything. A nice, rusty denim shirt is a perfect match with chino's. 

Here is a denim washed shirt from H&M, only 19.95£.

Guys, spend a bit of extra on good jeans. They are a necessity used everyday, night or day so make sure they look amazing!

I'm really feeling these vintage looks. The shoe game is nice, the colours are brave; good look! 
Tip; check out nice vintage/second hand stores for a unique finish!

The Cardigan...very easy to wear guys. With some fitted jeans and leather shoes. I'm very keen on grey cardigans, they suit anybody! .
This one is from H&M, 24.99£.

I really love this leather jacket, it's clearly vintage and probably one of its kind. Try to check out those vintage shops, I'm sure you can find something similar. There's nothing better like a unique leather jacket!
Pharell is wearing a black aviator jacket. This is a great buy, a mix of leather and just a bit of fur. 

These long fall back jackets are quite different, mix it with your style and you'll be sure to catch some eyes on the road!

Oh, this is one of my favourite Kanye looks. The jacket is amazing, combined with the jeans and the sun glasses; parfait! If you can find a fly jersey jacket like this, then buy it. Nice ones are really hard to find!

3. Blazered up.

Kanye wearing a very simple suit, nicely fitted and looks fantastic. Make sure you have at least one fitted suit in your closet, you never know when the fame hits ya ;)

This is a very smart look, pinstriped blazer with jeans and Louis Vuitton scarf. And again, the Gold watch, just adds that extra touch! 

Here we can see a slightly braver look, grey trouser combined with a red blazer. If you're brave enough fellas, I say go for it. Dress to impress!

And of course, the black suit with a quirky bow tie. Please get one!

These are the Etiquette men. Check out their blog for more dressing tips! 


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