Today was a nice day for thoughtful moments. I started thinking about Love. We all think about it, all day, all night, don't even try to deny it! Why? because love is in us, it is a part of us. A human being is approximately 80% water and I would say that we are 100% Love.

What is it? " God is Love, Love is God". Does this mean that everytime I fall in love, God's spirit comes to me? Hmm...It is true that when you are in love you feel happy and alive. "Love is the thing you know". But is it EVERYthing? I believe that God is in us constantly. Our good actions show our Godly side. Does this mean that I am empty without Love? A person can feel happy without having a Boyfriend, right? I feel like this society today is pushing us into believing, that loneliness is bad. I personally do not think so. Have people in your life that love and care for you, but no to the extent where you cannot cope without them. Love is the greatest thing God left us and a person will always be loved by someone. So no worries, if you haven't yet found Love, because you just need to wakeup and realize that you are Love.


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