From a child to a full grown woman, I've had many different dreams, like all of us do. Little girls want to be a princess and boys want to be a fireman or a policeman. Dreams come, they change and then they go. Some dreams are here to stay, but many just pop in to our heads when we really like something. It's great to have dreams, because without them our life would be meaningless. And it's ok, if you don't know what you want, because in the end things will go like they're supposed to. So live, love, dream and have fun, we only have one life so let's make the best out of it.
Here are some of my former dreams. When I was younger...

...I wanted to be a princess with shiny dresses, diamonds and beautiful shoes.

...I wanted to be a doctor, a heart surgeon. I think watching ER had an influence.

...I wanted to fly high in the sky, so I thought becoming a pilot would be fun, but now I'm afraid of hights.

...I wanted to become a pianist, my parents bought me a nice piano. I played with it for a week and got over it.

...I wanted to become a soccer player. I played in a team for 7 years, but I felt like I was destined for something more.

...I wanted to be like Lauryn Hill, sing and rap my way into the stars. But singing should come naturally, for me it doesn't. Still love Lauryn though.

...I wanted to be a female DJ, but I think I should stick to what I know; youtube and only listening.

...Now, I have a few dreams like becoming a political journalist or a fashion journalist. But I'll see what happens. " You can plan a pretty picnic, but you can't predict the weather".

I hope you never give up your dreams, because they are vital. Believe in yourself and others will too. Peace, Enoma.


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