Life is the hardest puzzle to solve. We can never have all the answers. All these ups and downs either make you or brake you. But we are still strong. A human being is never completely weak, because of faith. Faith in the unknown, in the superstitious. Life might be a bitch, but it's the best school we ever go to. Life is said to be short, but what they mean, is only the physical life. Our soul will live on for many more trips to come.
Darkness, we all face it but we still brake it. Darkness is here to show us what light is. Trust in God or anything that requires faith, and trust in His power with managing your life. " Everything's gonna be alright", Bob Marley was right. No matter what, believe in life, dreams, goals, light, dark, happiness, sadness and you will be ok. Never give up is the key. Because the day you give up your dreams you give up your life. So yes, life is the hardest puzzle to solve, maybe the only one we can never solve. That's why it's so damn exciting.
Stay Blessed, Enoma.


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