Here is a descriptive writing I wrote about my friend :)

The young woman is tall, with the body of a Greek goddess. Her brown, milk chocolate like hair with silky structure flows like a shiny waterfall on a sunset. Her sweet angel face reminds me of Persephone during her time in the underworld. This beautiful angelic face has the paleness of a ghost, but the warmness of Mother Theresa. With seasons her eyes change their color and character; showing sides of both knowledge and fear. Her body moves like a snake; lures in dark corners, but attacks and moves with the speed of light. She tends to show only her outside, which survives like an alligator, hard and strong, but to some she shows her inside which flies like a beautiful butterfly; free and joyful. She lives in her own world, which resembles Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but still has poetic wisdom like Sherlock Holmes. The phrase " Don’t judge a book by its cover" describes her personality perfectly.



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