Are you one of those people who misses the 80's, the style, music & the whole electric vibe of it? Don't worry, because we got the 80's trendsetters right here in 2009; The Retro Kidz. Here is a vibrant group of "kidzzz" who's rhymes, dance moves and outfits take us down the memory lane. The group makes its statement by acting different. They are not "laughing straight to the bank" like Fifty, they are taking it back to Rakim, Slick Rick and Kid-N-Play. Their motto is " Often imitated, but never Duplicated". They dare to be different and not "go with the flow", which makes them so dangerous, so tasty & extra unique. Acid-washed jeans, rockin Adidas, and all the Fresh Prince of Bel Air stuff you can imagine, they got it. The Retro Kidz remind us of the Golden Ages of Hip Hop, style and passion for the music.

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The only female member of the group, who goes by the name of 1st Lady.

Fresh to death: Sur Fresh Alot.
Cool like coolie: Kool Kidd.

He gets what he wants: Lucky.

He's reaching to the sky: Skytell 88.

He roles with skies on: Joe Ski.

The illest: Ill Will.

Smoother than smooth: J-Smooth.


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