Nowadays rappers don't even try to look thug, no more golden chains or Rev Run Adidas, now it's all about the fashion and LV. Who would have guessed that rappers like Kanye, Pharrel, Jay & T.I. would give up their Nike's for some stylish Louis Vuitton. I'm not complaining because they make it look hot. Though their street credibility might suffer slightly, they're still respected.
I think it all started from Ye's crazy obsession with the label, suddenly he was seen everywhere 24/7, wearing scarfs, bags and shades from LV. The other rappers decided to follow him, and now all LV's fashion shows are packed up with former "thugzzzz". It sure keeps the game interesting.

Kanye's custom designed sneaks for LV. What do you think?

Kanye wearing LV backpack.

Pharrell Williams modelling for LV.
Ye performing with the LV backpack.
LV scarf.
Kanye modelling for LV.

T.I. shopping for some bags.
Kanye and Pharrell at LV fashion show.
They love the Backpack; Kanye, Nick, Usher and Hova.
Some more LV lovers.


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