Finally I'm going home. As I might have mentioned before, my Dad lives in England, Oxford. He has been living there for about 10-11 years now, so me and my sister have had the pleasure of visiting him every summer and Christmas. This time I'm leaving on the 30th of May and coming back on the 7th of August. I will most certainly have a jolly good time. "My home is where my heart is", and my heart never comes back with me when I leave England. And my lovely readers, I will definitely keep you updated on my crazy shoppings and everything else that goes on. Here are some photos from the past two-three years.( I couldn't find any photos from my earlier visits). Enjoy the petit sight-seeing.

These first ones are most recent photos from last summer and last Christmas.

It really doesn't rain in England as much as people think!

This was taken from a museum.
Here is a photo from Balliol College. Me, my Dad and his friends.

Me and my Daddy<3>
These photos are maybe two years old.
Me and my sister Edema<3

Me and Daddy.
Oh gosh, this is reeeally old.
Me + the boysss.
If you haven't been to England, shame on you! Come and I'll give you a tour!


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