Men, miehet, hommes...What should you look like this Spring/Summer? If you are questioning what to wear to get that fabolous girl, you thought was too good for you; stop, I have the answer. Men, this spring, don't go for the casual/beachboyish look, you need to look chic, elegant and like a real man. Check out some of my choises from the Spring 2009 collections. If I saw a man wearing something like this, I would definitely go out for coffee with him. :)

Iceberg. Pure genious.

Versace. Relaxed, elegant & hot.

Etro. Extra strange yet chic.

Band of Designers. Vintage nerdy.

Louis Vuitton. White power, mixed with strong pastels.

Michael Kors. Elegant and classic.

Calvin Klein. Sporty but stylish.

Dolce & Gabbana. Nerdy business man.



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