Do you have clothes in your closet, that you would never wear, anywhere? Well, when a costume party is arranged with celebs, designers and paparazzis, you should wear the most ridiculous piece from your closet. If you have a chance to look crazy, funny and totally embarrassing, do it with pride.
This year the theme was " Model as a Muse", and everybody was there looking hot, looking-not-so-hot, but still the party rocked. Check out my faves, hates and question marks from the rocking evening.

Madonna in Louis Vuitton. Crazy, weird, cute, outrageous: a costume. I don't know what Madonna was thinking, maybe she thought of an Easter bunny/housekeeper/stripper/sexy cleaner...Hmmm. Judgement: Crazyyyyy.

Rihanna in Dolce & Gabbana suit. Now here is an outfit for a costume party. Gosh it can't be that hard. This outfit is ridiculous, funny yet stylish. Way to go Rihanna. Judgement: Not something I would wear but suits her.

Victoria Beckham in Marc Jacobs, shoes LV. Judgement: Hmm...What do you think? It looks nice but something just doesn't add up.

Kanye West in Louis Vuitton and Amber Rose in Carolina Herrera. Judgement: I like.

Ciara in Pucci. Nice dress but too simple for my taste. Judgement: I like.

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake. Both in Versace. Judgement: Love the dress.

Jessica Alba in Jason Wu. This is my absolute favorite. I would buy this if I had the money. Judgement: I love & I want.

Helena Christensen in Zac Posen, posing with the designer himself. Judgement: I looove.

Leighton Meester in Louis Vuitton. It might be too much for some people but I love it. Unique and beautiful. Judgement: I loooove.

Kate Bosworth in Stella McCartney. Judgement: I loooove.
Chanel Iman in Zac Posen. It's a beautiful dress on a beautiful woman but still slightly too settle for me. Judgement: I like.
Kate Moss in Marc Jacobs with Marc Jacobs. I love the turban. Judgement: My Fav.

Katy Perry in Tommy Hilfiger. I like the egyptian vibe, very Perry style. Judgement: I like.
Anne Hathaway in Marc Jacobs. I love the dress and she looks fabolous but there is something that just doesn't work. Judgement: Hmmm...
Emma Roberts in Versace. Cute little plastic-type-dress with the futuristic shape. Judgement: I like. What do you think?

Rachel Weisz in Vera Wang. Judgement: hate. It's a nice dress but it just doesn't suit her at all. What do you think?


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