...I would probably go to the nearest sneaker store and by the flighest ones. Men really have it easy, they just have to put on a Tee, jeans and shoes. But easy doesn't mean boring. Are you one of those guys who is tired of the same Nike white Air Forces? Don't worry, I got something fresssh for you loners out there. Now you can stand out from the crowd with unique Alife sneaks or a Kesh shirt. You can be the freshest dude on the block. Enjoy Guys!

My ultimate favorite: Alife.
Check out their website for more products and info: http://www.alifenyc.com/

Tees, tees & tees.
Time for Old School.
Alife nits. Cute hats for the winter slopes.
Basic but hot.
Shmack Footwear is a new upcoming brand, which shows us classic styles mixed with modern chic.


Buck Knife

Ghetto Rock
This you gotta love. Amazing tees with crazy, eye catching prints.

The funniest texts written on shirts. I liiike it!

She is a new upcoming designer. Kesh takes us back to old school but still keeps us looking in to the future. Je t'aime.



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