The sun is shining and I feel alive again. I guess when you're feeling down, you wait for a so called "miracle" to come and make you happy again. Maybe Sun is the little miracle by God that lifts our mood up. Maybe we smile when God smiles.

Everything is everything. Remember to appreciate life, no matter what happens it's all worth it. Happiness is a state of mind. Life is about taking risks and making mistakes, because in the end, it's not the fun and planned moments we remember the best but the sudden and different moments. "Life is about taking risks, and everything else is just waiting".

The wind is blowing, moving the trees and shaking the leaves, my soul feels as free as the wind. Our soul is the essence of our being. The soul is like the wind, like the trees, like the leaves, it wonders around everywhere and it makes us see more clearly. When decisions are made it's important to listen to both our mind and our heart. I personally make almost all decisions with my heart but as my soul grows, I'm finding that balance between them.

I'm free like a bird, I reach for the sky and I might get hurt sometimes but I always get up. Remember: " when one door closes it opens an another one". The sky is the limit when it comes to our dreams. We all have plans and actions of how to reach our dreams but don't despond if they don't workout, because with belief you'll reach it through a different path. It's our own actions that define our future. Life is full of different paths, and we have the freedom to choose which ones we walk. Sometimes we might choose the wrong path but walk through it with respect, because in the end you can become a bigger person.

When you feel like the clouds are closing in on you, find strength and you will survive. The sun keeps on shining as long as you keep on believing.



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