Could I be " the one" for someone out there? Is there that " special one" for me? When I walk down a street and hundreds of people pass me by, I wonder; Could he be " the one" for me? You never really know until experiencing, right? Well, I've got a looong way to go and many people to meet.

As I'm moving down the streams of my life, I seem to find more interesting things about myself and others. Through time, you learn to observate and question; Whoever said that a soulmate had to be a male? I mean what if my soulmate was one of my good friends, or my sister, why not?

God must have all the answers to my questions, and I'll find out more as I grow. But is it really possible to find a person who loves you without a doubt, respects you with his whole being, and truly wants you til the ending days. I hope so...

A soulmate. What does that term really include? A person who opens your soul even when it's frozen, a person who sees you for who you really are, a person who sets you free of your doubts & fears. A soulmate is your sunshine in the dark, he's the guiding light when you feel beaten.
"God brings people in our lives to teach us", so don't worry if you still haven't found your soulmate because the ones that become before him only make you see more clearly. Remember that God is with us, never let go of your faith because it will save you.

In life, there are so many unclear things but still we manage to find happy moments. Believe in happiness, soulmates and all the unclear things, because soon they will look clearer. We all need affection, we need to be needed, and we are. There are enough fish in the sea for everyone. " Fantasy is what we want but Reality is what we need".


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