The MTV movie awards 2009 brought many laughs. Celebs looked fab and not-so-fab, they walked down the redcarpet and now they're being criticized. I just love it!
It's extra important to remember which event you are attending, and what to wear to that particular event. Some can do it and some can't.


Bruno most certainly dressed to impress. :D

Audrina Patridge looked stunning. I love everything glittery & shiny.

Sienna Miller looking very Balmainish. Very impressive!

Lauren Conrad, I lovelovelove.

Ashley Tisdale really blew me off with this one. Fabulous from head to toe. (I want those shoes).

Oh Whitney lovely Port. You're a fab girl.

Zac looked cuuute; Oh well, like that's a surprise.

Stephanie Pratt certainly knew what's hot. Check out those shoes;to die for.

Leighton Meester; she never lets me down.

Jamie Chung and Rumer Willis. FABtastic! Vintage, retro, unique<3

Cameron's outfit was really cute. And I adore the shoes.

This has to be in the middle. I love the colour of the dress, the shoes are amazing. But the dress doesn't fit her at all! It's like a hanging piece of curtain. If it was slightly more fitted from the chest area, I would like it. Vanessa Hudgens, I forgive you because Zac looked HOT!

The DON'Ts
Oh Sandra dear...I don't even know what to say. Just not nice, the shoes, the whole dress thingy. Makes me sad.

This one was more in between but I had to put it here. I do like the dress, in a way, but on Miley Curys, the 16 year old "fun" girl. NOOOOT! It really doesn't bring out her great personality.

Who is your stylist Wayne? Let me guess, you don't have one. If the so called "best rapper alive" can't dress, then what chance do we have? ooohh!

Oh Lil Mama, you sure popped some lip gloss. Gosh woman, we all know you got the Benjamins in your pocket, so why don't you get some real weave on that fro? Yacck!

Ok, I get the whole "rockergirlIdon'tgiveaf*ckhowIlook" thing but it doesn't mean I like it. Kristen Stewart, it's ok to dress up, it won't ruin your look.

Hayden Panettiere. It's a cute dress but honestly, I don't think it shows any of her good sides:/



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