It took me some time and bad experiences to get here, but now I'm strong again. If it wasn't for the shit you put me through I would never be who I am now.
It was stupid of me to trust you, love you and care for you because you never showed me those feelings back. I was blind and silly but now I know better. Some things feel so right when they are so wrong, and this time I really thought I was right. I wasn't. I might be hurt but I learned a lot along the way.
I can't regret the times I had with you because if it wasn't for you, I would never have found my true being. Now I trust myself and I know I would never disappoint myself; I can see the stormy clouds vanishing. So I want to thank you; thank you for not loving me, thank you for not respecting me, thank you for not caring for me, thank you for not trusting in me. I don't need you for those things anymore, I can love, care, respect and trust in me by myself. So thank you my friend.
I've got me, myself and I now.


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