I will stick to my oppinion; Graffiti is ART! Though, I myself cannot do graffiti, I still find it to be as beatiful, time consuming and skillful as any other form of painting or drawing. And what makes it even more interesting is the fact that it is considered to be a crime. How exciting it must be to run around in the street when it's dark and cold, and watching out for the police. Oh gosh, it sure is living on the edge. Graffities are fun, amazing(I mean who can spray like that) and very, extra inspirational. If I was the president, I would legalize them!:D
What do you think of Graffiti; art or street trash?

Lovely Obama graffities.

A cool graffiti cap.

Graffiti even on a snail!

Graffitizized places.

Graffiti shoes. Converse and Christian Louboutins.

Graffiti on cars. How coooool!

Amazing graffities seen on the streets around the world!



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